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American Horror Story + Promtional character images (Seasons 1 - 4)

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shoutout to people working weekends and overnights and overtime, people working in hospitality and retail and food service, who are sacrificing time with their loved ones, so fuckers with weekday desk jobs get to live comfortably with the amenities we provide while simultaneously shitting all over us for not getting “real jobs”

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the acceptance of her flaws is what made her flawless

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a 100% accurate map of north america as drawn by a canadian


a 100% accurate map of north america as drawn by a canadian

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My brothers toothbrushes over the past month
Why is he so angry

does dude even still have teeth

Why are you collecting them?

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NakedButSafe magazine’s new issue includes an English-language interview with Gengoroh Tagame! From Tagame’s Facebook:

My interview and some drawings are featured on the magazine, NakedButSafe #7. I think that the interview is good and is well worth reading. The magazine itself is very beautiful and cool too. If you are good in English, please get your copy from their website!

Jessica Lange, 1974 by Antonio Lopez

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I wish.

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